There’s usually only one winner in races.  If it’s an out and back course, chances are you’ve cheered them on as they run back against you heading home.

They’re amazing.  They’re inspirational.  To some of us, they look like gazelles as they whizz past…..

But what if your place wasn’t near the front?  

What if your place was at the other end of the pack?

Rebecca Veres says that’s where she spends her time during her runs.  

Bec says “My story comes from a place of being at the back of the pack…”

“At the back of the pack we cry, we laugh, we vent, but we hold each other up as we stay on the course for longer than our speedy counterparts…”  Bec actually thinks that faster runners could get better value per mileage by running a bit slower!

“I enjoy running with friends.  Not for PB’s (although they are exciting to achieve), not for weight loss (because we know that’s mostly impossible), but to support my friends that have made it their life dream to achieve something big in their running ‘career.’”

And her inspiration to run a marathon hasn’t come from a winner….

“I was inspired by a conversation held behind me at a recent running event (… I tend to eavesdrop when I’m running alone in events).  One guy was discussing how amazing a friend was in running a marathon and being so mentally tough and pushing through. The guy listening responded with “did she finish?”  The response was “Yes . She did so well. Her finish time was 6 hours.”

“So my ‘6 hour and beyond’ friends, and those that aspire to one day make the cut off (pictured), you people rock.  You are the unsung heros. To all my friends that are speedy, thank you for running so fast that you can finish in time to wait around forever, so that people like me can be cheered on as we finish.”