Did you know that changing the way you tie your laces can help customise the fit of your shoes? Modern running shoes have a variable width rather than parallel lacing. This gives you the scope to adjust your lacing around specific fit issues with your feet. 

Check out our top 3 lacing techniques to help your shoes fit well:

#1 Skip the second last eyelet and use the extra eyelet at the back of the shoe to make the hole your foot comes out of smaller and grip your heel better.

#2 Skip one set of eyelets to reduce pressure on top of your foot where there might be a bony prominence or pinched nerve. By skipping the first set of eyelets all together you can increase the width across the forefoot which is particularly good for bunions.

#3  Overcome slipping elastic laces in the last races of the triathlon season by using two sets. The bottom three eyelets have a firmer fit to grab the foot while the top eyelets are looser to allow quick slip on in transition.

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