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Stories from Eliza

Stories from Eliza, 11 and her brother Angus, 9 and mum Trudy, and why Twilight’s become their family tradition.


“There are many reasons I run the twilight runs. Firstly it is kind of a tradition now as I have done it for many years in a row now since 2013. Every year it has been filled with fun and is excitement. But mainly just to do my best each time and break my PBs!” 


-Eliza, 11 years old


“Running in the twilight event is really fun. Especially because you can do it with your friends. And because you are always pushing yourself to do your best and beat your PB’s. Even my little two-year-old brother did it this year, I started doing Twilight when I was two as well.” – Angus, 9 years old, who was also two for his first Twilight and ran the whole 1km back then. Angus has run five Twilights already! 


“We have loved watching and supporting our children progress from literally ‘running holding mum or dad’s hand’, to having the confidence to run a race on their own, to now our eldest two pushing themselves to be the best little runners they can be. The smile when they beat (or smash) last years’ time is amazing and for us it’s great for our family to do together. We hope they will all enjoy running long into adulthood.” From Angus & Eliza’s mum, Trudy, who has always encouraged their kids to run and be a part of running.