Starting and finishing in your registered event

Run in the race you registered for and make sure you get your name in the results correctly. Your event will be marked on your race bib. Failure to complete the event you are registered may result in disqualification and your results not being published

Emergency safety procedure and your responsibility please visit the website for the official Twilight Running Festival, St Lucia emergency safety procedure.[website]

First aid and medical emergency services will be available throughout the course as well as at the finish line to assist in case of any issue arising.

Medical conditions

WRITE on the back of your race number any medical conditions you may have that can affect your safety and well-being on course and also put your emergency contact details.

On-course motivation – Cheer squad and voting for the most motivating water station

Your vote counts.

The winner of the water station cheer squad competition will win $1000 cash. The $1000 cash prize contributes to various activities which will assist the club/group or organisation involved. Make sure you  vote in the post event survey with the water station who motivated you most.

A big shout out to St Peters Lutheran College and Kenmore State High School who will be on course.