Many of us have been there. You plan ahead.  You have a goal time. You calculate your splits.
You turn up – only for your race to end badly. It’s disappointing, but the great news is that there is a lot you can do in advance to help you nail your next race.  

We’ve got three great strategies to help you become a master racer…and you don’t have to be fast to use them.  

#1. Sharpen your mental approach

There are so many different ways to get you to focus on what you have to do.  You might mentally break your race up into drink stops, or when you have to take your nutrition for example.  You could focus on keeping your pace until you run over the next timing mat. Whichever tactic you want to use is up to you. What’s really important is if you have a strong mental approach to your race, you are going to finish the race better and have a great time while you are at it.

#2. Plan for contingencies – and be willing to execute those plans

Do a think tank about what could possibly go wrong and have a plan for it. If you wake up unwell on race morning, for example, you may have reset your expectations either before or during the race, and this may involve ending a race early – knowing there will always be other days and other races.  But if you have thought about what might happen and are prepared for it, you’ll feel better about your race, no matter the outcome.

#3. Your Shoes

You may find a lighter weight shoe is better for racing, rather than those that you have been doing your long mileage in.  The part of your body that moves the most when running is your foot and adding extra weight means you use more energy to move it.  This can affect your pace over a long period of time. But be careful, if your shoe is so light weight that it doesn’t have enough cushioning, you may end up running slower.   

Wondering what the best shoes are for you? 

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