Baggage area

A complimentary baggage drop off area will be available for you on race day and will be located under the grandstand, near the finish line at the University of Queensland Athletics Centre (the TRACK!!)

Label your bag with the “Tear-off tag “ on your race bib… There are 3 steps.

1. Tear the tag off the bottom of your race bib

2. Loop this onto your bag using the hole on the tag

3. Place your bag on a table  – organised alphabetically by surname

COLLECTING you Bag: you MUST have your race bib to collect your bag.

Important: Utilising the baggage area is done so at your own risk.

DO NOT leave valuables in your bag. The intraining organisers, and volunteers will not be responsible for missing items.  

PLEASE NOTE:  All baggage needs to be collected by 8.30pm.

Toilets and Showers

Toilets are located at:

  • University Athletics Centre, downstairs underneath the grandstand.
  • EXTRA Portaloos will be located on the top level of the athletics car park towards Sir Fred Schonell drive.
  • Public toilets are also located in Brisbane Corso Reserve Park on Brisbane Corso on the course.

There are also showers available at the University Athletics Centre.