At intraining we are trying to constantly innovate to give our runners the best running experience possible.  There are some great changes at this year’s Twilight Bay Run that we think you will LOVE!

  1. NO MORE HILLS.  That’s right we have turned our course into the flattest possible.  The only hill you are likely to notice is the step up the curb into the park.  That makes for easy pacing and faster times.


  1. ELECTRONIC TIMING EVERY KILOMETRE.  With our new timing system your splits will be immediately streamed to the internet.  Because we have timing mats every kilometre your friends and family can track you in real time during the race.  After the run you can geek out by analysing your pacing for every kilometre even for the half marathon.


  1. HALF MARATHON RELAY.  You and three friends can join up to complete a half marathon together.  Each runner does a 5km lap and runs the final 1.1km together into the finish.  This is a great way to share the “Joy of Running”.


  1. WHEELIES EVENT. This is the perfect course for a Wheelies race.  No hills and a smooth surface make for easy sailing and fast times.  We are trying to make our events accessible to all people and are encouraging it by offering free entry to this race.


  1. CLAY DAWSON DESIGNED SINGLET. Previous Twilight Half Marathon Champion and current Australian 100km Champion Clay Dawson is designing this year’s singlet.  An intraining sponsored runner, you will have seen Clay at the front of most local races.  What you might not know about Clay is that he is also a High school art teacher and a talented artist himself.  Look out for this years special design and book early to secure this exclusive limited edition running singlet.



Thousands of runners set Brisbane alight twice a year, running or walking under the moon and stars, experiencing incredible energy and entertainment, while supporting an important charity.

Established in 2009 by the intraining Running Centre, the Twilight Runs are more than just a running event, with entertainment and buzz like no other.

Here are just a few reasons why our Twilight Runs are among the most anticipated events on the Australian running calendar:


  1. AMONG THE FIRST AND LAST RACES OF THE YEAR: Bookending the start and finish of Queensland’s running season, every one of our Twilighters revels in the joy and challenge of running or walking a half marathon, 10k and 5k or a 1km kids’ race. They’re among the first and the last major half marathon and 10km run events of the year.


  1. LARGEST NIGHT RUNNING EVENTS: While almost all other major running events start in the morning, Twilight Runs are held at night – under the moon and stars. Thousands of participants swap their sunscreen for their glow-in-the-dark gear, lighting up the night as they smash and celebrate personal goals with their friends, families and team members.


  1. THRIVING PARTY ATMOSPHERE: Our Twilighters know they’re going to get far more than just a run. From incredible entertainment and activities including Australia’s jumping castles, live music, food trucks and spectacular fireworks – it’s a huge celebration of community spirit, health and happiness.


  1. RUN FOR CHARITY: Our runners do it because it’s good for them, the community and those who need it most. We’re proud we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support for charity causes over the last 12 years.


  1. FOR ALL AGES AND ABILITIES: The races are completely inclusive – for all ages and abilities. We’re proud to attract people from all walks of life, from elite and everyday runners, to beginners, kids and those in wheelchairs or people running with a vision-support person.


  1. EXCELLENT RACE MANAGEMENT: The intraining Events Team is made up of runners.  We know what makes a great race experience and that is what we endeavour to create at our races.  Our focus is totally on the runners.  We will be the standard for which you will compare all other races you run.


  1. TRUSTED ORGANISATION: intraining Running Centre is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the running community. Run by Steve and Margot Manning since 1991, intraining provides retail, coaching, injury rehabilitation, and events like Twilight to help people experience the joy of running.