If you’ve been running for a little while, thought about stepping up your distance but not sure how to go about it – meet your new best friend – the training plan.

There are loads of benefits of having a training plan – and sticking to it.


Check out 5 great reasons for having a training plan:

#1. Motivation and Moderation

A training plan is not only going to give you the inspiration you need to get the hard work done but it will also stop you from making one of the biggest training mistakes – doing too much.   If it’s not on the plan, don’t do it.

#2. Helps you develop to be a stronger runner

If all of your runs are at the same intensity and speed, it’s unlikely that you are going to improve.  You may even burn out. A good training plan will have built in phases and ensure that you have both your hard and easy weeks of training, helping your running develop over time.

#3. No Brainer – you don’t have to think

We all live busy lives.  Having a plan already set out for you means that each week you simply need to check what sessions are planned…. and then do them!  The work is already done for you.

#4. Keeps you consistent

One of the most important ways of hitting your goals is to be consistent.  If you are following a plan, it’s going to be pretty easy to keep the consistency up.

#5. Works for you  (Design/Customise it for you)

A training plan is good.  But if you really want to nail that new distance, an individualised plan is better.  Because we are all different, getting just any old plan off the internet isn’t going to suit your goals or needs.  You’re also going to need some flexibility just in case life (like travel and kids activities) gets in the way.

Our coaching team understand that and can build a plan to fit in your family, work and your training.  Click here to find out how the team and intraining Running Centre can help you with a training plan, including how to book in for your free 15-minute consultation.

Get your plan, to get to your race.  Don’t miss out on one of the biggest fun runs of the year.